Does LED Lighting Have Health Advantages

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What kind of lighting do you have in your home or workplace? Often, we choose our lighting based on the atmosphere we want to create and the work we need to get done. But did you know that choosing the right lighting can have more health benefits than you think? Studies have shown that traditional lamps contain harmful substances such as UV rays and mercury that are harmful to human health. When we are in close proximity for long periods of time, our skin feels uncomfortable and our eyes are greatly affected.LED meaning a healthier way of lighting.

This is indeed the biggest advantage of LED lights over traditional lamps, but LED lamps also have other outstanding advantages, such as:

1.Stable light

According to ophthalmologists, if you work or operate in an environment with flashing lights, you will experience headaches, eye strain, and other symptoms. A study published by Research and Technology in 1989 found that more than 50 percent of office workers who worked under strobe lights suffered from visual impairment and migraines.

In addition, strobe lights pose a significant threat to those who use machines. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), when objects move or rotate quickly under the light of a flashlight, they create the illusion of moving slower than they are and can affect their surroundings when they’re mistaken for the device having stopped moving.

The LED’s light is very stable and creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for studying and working.

2.Doesn’t make a sound

Fluorescent lights make a distracting noise when activated. Researcher John Ott has found a link between fluorescent lamps and noise pollution in industrial lighting systems. In an office building where fluorescent lighting is used, most of the employees working there said they were tired and had trouble concentrating because of the noise.

LED lighting greatly improves this problem. They usually emit light immediately (<0.1 seconds) when they are turned on. LED technology makes it possible to reach maximum brightness in the shortest possible time without heating the gas inside as is the case with fluorescent technology. LEDs start up instantly and noiselessly when activated.


LEDs do not contain harmful UV and infrared wavelengths. So it is very safe for the skin and harmless to health. In addition, it is used for decorative and focal lighting of furniture and pictures, as they emit less heat and do not fade or damage furniture.

4.No Mercury

Unlike fluorescent lamps, the materials used in LED products do not contain mercury. Therefore, it can be safely and easily disposed of after its expiration date. Mercury is an extremely dangerous and toxic substance if released into the environment. Bulb materials contain mercury, making disposal of these bulbs dangerous and time-consuming.

5. Limiting Heat Release

LEDs do not produce heat or give off negligible amounts of heat. This is why rooms that use them stay relatively cool even when there is no air conditioning or lighting for long periods. Fluorescent lamps can reach temperatures of over 80 degrees Celsius, while incandescent and halogen lamps can reach temperatures of over 900 degrees Celsius in a short period of time. In addition to the danger of accidental exposure to light bulbs that emit too much heat, high temperatures are also detrimental to the use of lights in grocery stores (where vegetables and meats are sold).

6.Treating Diseases with LED Lights

More accurately, they can support the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions. You may not believe it, but the blue light emitted by LED light bulbs can cure psoriasis. In addition, doctors offer “blue light therapy” or “photodynamic therapy”, which uses LED light with a wavelength of 415 nanometers to kill bacteria that cause acne and inflammation.

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