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We produce customized lamps. The following is the ready-made series. In order to prevent you from being charged the price difference, we are a factory and we will arrange for designers to contact you directly to enjoy the lowest price.

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We offer you

Special Price

If you need lighting products in quantity,we offer you different special prices depending on the quantity.

Fast Delivery and Installation

Your order will be processed within 2 working days and then shipped. Your desired products will usually arrive on time.

Consulting service

Our diligent service team is always at your disposal to help you answer questions about our products and make a better choice.

Support Customization

We support customized lighting fixtures, color, style, function, etc. can be customized

Dedicated support

We provide dedicated support for you not just before you place your order, but from start to finish. Therefore you don't need to worry.

Reliable quality

The lighting is made by us, which guarantees you high quality and professional competence of the products.

Our Team


We have more than 200 innovative R&D engineers who imagine, design and implement solutions that meet our customers' needs. Thanks to our R&D engineers, we already have 100 patents on record!

Outstanding customer service

At EpazoToi, you are guaranteed exceptional customer service regardless of your geographical location. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to attend to your needs all across the globe.

customer service

Our Guarantee

EpazoToi never compromises on quality. Our products have been thoroughly tested with numerous Fatigue tests, Pressure Tests, Vibration Tests, and Temperature Tests. All of the products satisfy the most stringent qualifications around the world.

Multiple Awards In 1998, the "ET" series was launched as a summary of style design. The team's works have won COM--PASSO D'ORO ADI, IF, and Red Dot Design Awards for their maximalist style.

Free Space Planning + Design

We know it can be intimidating. That iss why we offer complimentary space and design planning. We will ask a few questions and let you know all the parts and pieces you need in a simple package, with renderings and a quote all ready to go. Easy, smart and fast.

Lighting designer
Lighting designer